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Licensed • Insured • Experienced Technicians

Licensed • Insured • Experienced Technicians



The cost of natural gas has risen approximately 30% in the past year. Water heaters in-fact distill the water that they are heating, resulting in heavy sediment accumulation. Impurities in the water settle down to the bottom of the tank and form a blanket of sediment directly over the burning flames at the bottom of a gas water heater. Industry experts from Bradford White, a leading water heater producer state that a ½ inch of accumulated sediment at the bottom of your water heater increases natural gas consumption by 70%. Fuel cost can be lowered by periodically cleaning and flushing the water heater. JKC Plumbing can provide the service for you. Give us a call.

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Is Your Water Heater
Heating up Your Gas Bill?

New Underground TV Technology
Protects Home Buyers

Before you purchase your next home it would be wise to have a video inspection performed on your dream home's sewer system. JKC Plumbing provides this valuable service and can let you know if you can expect additional expenses as you settle into your new castle. Sewer repairs can be a real budget buster- goodbye new kitchen! Typical home inspectors do not provide in-line sewer inspections and most lending institutions do not require it. Until now it's been a roll of the dice for new homeowners, but no more. Did you know that in most cities, the homeowner is responsible for a repair to his/her sewer even when the repair area falls outside the property boundaries? If your sewer connects to the public main sewer in a street, ( as most do) you may very well be responsible for the cost of digging up that street to get your sewer fixed. The experts from JKC Plumbing  can help you identify those problem areas before you purchase that property.  If a problem exists, we will provide our professional recommendations and an estimate. Then, it's up to you. You can re-negotiate the purchase price to pay for the needed repairs or deferred maintenance required.

JKC Plumbing Continues Rapid Growth in Michigan's Challenging Business Climate

JKC Plumbing is expanding its service network to include Property Mangement companies. Interest is high due to JKC's huge coverage area, pricing and wide range of services.